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OSHA and Machine Stop Time Measurement

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The most important ingredient in developing a guarding solution for industrial machinery is stopping time of the machine.

Stopping time dictates the best guarding approach and the safe distance the guarding must be from the pinch point. Machines such as clutch /brake stamping presses must be checked on a regular basis and guards adjusted to the new stopping time each time they are checked,

Manufacturing Services & Installation ( MS&I) can provide this service with trained technicians to do the stop time test at your facility. MS&I can also provide guarding solutions based on the stop test performed.  MS&I is insured to provide risk assessments, LOTO and complete installation of guarding systems.

The OSHA regulation 1910. 217 for stamping presses are as follows:

Machine Stop Time Measurement

1.         Inspection and Maintenance Records

It shall be the responsibility of the employer to establish and follow a program of periodic and regular inspections of his power presses to ensure that all their parts, auxiliary equipment, and safeguards are in a safe operating condition and adjustment.  The employer shall maintain a certification record of inspections which includes the date of inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection and the serial number, or other identifier, of the power press that was inspected.

Each press shall be inspected and tested no less than weekly to determine the condition of the clutch/brake mechanism, anti repeat feature and single stroke mechanism. Necessary maintenance or repair or both shall be performed and completed before the press is operated. These requirements do not apply to those presses which comply with paragraphs (b) (13) and (14) of this section. The employer shall maintain a certification record of inspections, tests and maintenance work which includes the date of the inspection, test or maintenance; the signature of the person who performed the inspection, test, or maintenance; and the serial number or other identifier of the press that was inspected, tested or maintained.

2.         Modification

It shall be the responsibility of any person modifying a power press to furnish instructions with the modification to establish new or changed guidelines for use and care of the power press so modified.

3.         Training of Maintenance Personnel

It shall be the responsibility of the employer to insure the original and continuing competence of personnel caring for, inspecting, and maintaining power presses.

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