Pinch Point Guarding

pinch pointA pinch point is a space of such size and location that it creates a risk that a part of the body will become caught either between moving machinery parts or between moving and fixed objects.

The best way to manage the risks of pinch points is to eliminate them through the use of guards.

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pinch pointWhat is your responsibility as a manufacturer?

Negligence has been defined as the failure to do something which a reasonably careful person would do.

A middle-of-the-road approach requires the manufacturer to act reasonably in keeping up with the scientific and technological advances in its field and act reasonably to include safe components and install safety devices.

Legal Liability
Case File:
A worker’s recklessness did not provide a defense to an employers charged with failing to have a guard on a steel mill.

If you have a machine that is unprotected, you or your company could be held responsible for any injury accidents that occur.

Pinch Point Guards are an often simple but effective way to protect your employees, staff and your company from negligent lawsuits.

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